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Concepts in C

Author Name: CHANDRA PRAKASH | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

The book “Concepts In C” is not like those textbooks available in the market toady where only problems are given with their answers but explanations are missing. This book will actually let you know about every aspect of C. Around 400+ questions are given with their answers and well explained explanations.

Those having basic knowledge of C must go through this book for advance knowledge. This book will become a boon for those who have desire to be a proficient programmer in C language. Topics like Pointer, Array, String, Structure, Union, Enum contain a lot of problems which will test your skill in C language.

Topics like Complicated Declaration, Variadic Function, Variable Number Of Arguments, Memory Management and Miscellaneous Concepts will take you to the next level of C language. You rarely find these topics in other books but Concepts In C have taken care of such interesting and hot topics of C.

The book is also best suited for those preparing for Campus Interview preparations and other technical competitive examinations like- GATE and others where C plays a major role.


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Chandra Prakash is an engineering student who is pursuing his B.Tech degree in Computer Science & Engineering from West Bengal University of Technology, kolkata.

He is passionate about coding and writing technical articles and blogs. He is a technical content writer at geeksforgeeks. Most recently he has written more than 15 articles on Data Structure & Algorithm and Java for geeksforgeeks.

His areas of interest are- C, C++, Data Structure & Algorithm and Java. He also teaches C and Data structure to his college students in free time. He was born and brought up in Sonpur, Bihar. He can be reached at cpbcrec@gmail.com or through



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