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Contours of Xanadu The Quantum Code of Sustenance

Author Name: Pradeep Nevatia SCD, Rahul Nevatia | Format: Paperback | Genre : Philosophy | Other Details

Since the times of Sumer, the earliest known Mesopotamian civilization in south-central Iraq, to the fall of Sadam Hussein’s Iraq in modern times, humankind has worried just about its sustainable co-existence with the Earth – its ever-immutable habitat – without transgressing the bio-physical planetary boundaries. What could then be the problem?

Furthermore, isn’t it preposterous that 6000 years since the founding of Eridu and Uruk, the earliest known qualified cities in southern Mesopotamia, the socio-eco-economic reimbursement of sustainability should remain fraught with tension between economic growth and environmental deterioration! What could then be the answer?

In Contours of Xanadu, we most intensely trace the configuration of enduring sustainability as we connect our arguments end-to-end, using the frameworks of quantum physics, relativity theory, and the ground-breaking string theory, and go on to validate the expostulation in the composition of Vedic philosophy.

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Pradeep Nevatia SCD, Rahul Nevatia

Pradeep Nevatia, SCD: Lost and found by his mother in the streets of Kolkata and nurtured by a no-nonsense upbringing, Pradeep grew up to be a man in search of himself. Stability and a thirst for exploration dominated his way of functioning throughout his professional career, spanning thirty-five years across far-flung geographies, contrasting industries, and extensive hierarchies—roles. Pradeep, a former CEO and a pioneer of the rural BPO & CSR BPO business models in India, is an acknowledged business turnaround expert. He has earned degrees in mechanical and industrial engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, and IIM, Mumbai. Pradeep is a passionate photographer, an obsessed piano player, a professionally trained Vedic astrologer and karma alignment coach. 

Rahul Nevatia: Driven by an ambition to fly to the moon, Rahul pursued an education in rocket science. But 9/11 made such dreams much harder to pursue. He then retooled himself for a career on Wall Street, where his risk-free–risk-taking mind could work predisposed to the everyday rigmarole of the financial markets. Rahul had stints with J P Morgan and Goldman Sachs in New York, before bootstrapping his professional campaign from the high seas of hedge funds. The global financial crisis of 2008-2009 brutally sensitized him to ethics, sustainability, and governance (ESG) – the three crucial dimensions of a business actor’s pecuniary stratagem. Rahul has earned degrees in aerospace, mechanical, and financial engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and Cornell University. Rahul has also attended the Tuck Business Bridge Program at Dartmouth College. Currently, a hedge fund manager, Rahul is a self-indulgent epicurean who loves exploratory travel. 



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