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Creed City Chronicles: Blood in the Water

Author Name: Duncan W. Lievi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In search for the truth about the death of his parents, Edward Banes goes after the patriarch of the menacing Anvil crime family, Derek Anvil. Unbeknownst to them, the long-forgotten heir to a rival dynasty of Creed City enters the fold to take back what is rightfully his. With righteousness tested at every turn, in the midst of blood, terror, pride and betrayal, here is a tale of heartbreak, vengeance, love and loss, guided by the fundamental nature of choice.

An ambitious daughter looking to carve a new path; the prodigal son of a forgotten clan; a mysterious figure operating from the shadows; a loyal protector struggling not to break his oath; an assassin with a checkered past – these are but a few of the many pillars that carry this saga of alliances, affection, loyalty and conflict. In pursuit of purpose that often dilutes the dichotomy between good and bad, right and wrong, this tale is about select people and their motivations, decisions and actions as they try to survive in the ever-lively locale known to man as Creed City, Provenance.

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Duncan W. Lievi

Duncan W. Lievi is a first-time novelist, singer-songwriter and guitarist. His primary interests include music, languages, sports and storytelling. He is a graduate in communication, and worked as a part-time sports journalist for about a year. After years of toying with the idea of writing a book, he finally came up with Creed City Chronicles: Blood in the Water. This story, that seeks to stand out for being written unlike most works in the genre, and will hopefully surprise and intrigue the reader. Duncan portrays the stories of people, with the goal of creating a universe that is realistic, yet unbelievable. Always in search for new inspiration, he moves towards having a memorable oeuvre.