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Crossdion and the Beginning of Chaos

Author Name: Arishh Abraaham | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A small peck of golden energy glistened in the jar, hitting against the wall as if trying to reach out to me. My hunch was in fact right. The jar was not a normal one. It held the souls of the countless entities sent to this prison over the past thousand eons…….

When Peter senses a DISTURBANCE in the natural flow of MAGIC, he finds himself on MT. OTHRYS, face to face with TYPHON, the dragon that had made him unlock his dark-side. With the pillar of WISDOM taken away by the DARKNESS, Peter is forced to travel into the depths of the DARK REALM in order to find the key that would save his friend. All the while his ENEMIES grow stronger! Situations worsen when an EMPEROR of the Golden Light hinders the path of our HERO. With a possible war that could wreak CHAOS around the multiverse, how will Peter save his friends and himself… when FATE himself is against him!

Hardcover 340

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Arishh Abraaham

Arishh Abraaham is a 2008 born budding writer studying in the tenth grade in St. Joseph’s College, in the Sangam city of  Prayagraj, India. He wrote his first novel, Crossdion and the Lively Myths at the age of 11, which was published by Notion Press. His second novel Crossdion and the Beginning of Chaos is also the second in the series. He is one of the youngest authors in India in the young-adult fiction category and also happens to be one of the very few in the world writing in the mythological fiction genre at such an early age. He loves to play the piano. Arishh is passionate about the ancient mythologies of the world and wonders of the universe. His favourite recreation is to gather knowledge about the two and then share his viewpoint with family and friends. It is this passion, which compelled him to write his two books in the Crossdion series with plans for a third one to come soon.



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