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Dangerous Concern the perception of a woman

Author Name: Shiny Jose Joseph | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

Inappropriate interferences will only harm others. The unnecessary concern will damage the goal. Trust is important, and that is an expensive reward. It demands honesty, truthfulness, and consistency. Respect is a gift from genuine people. Only real people will acquire it.

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Shiny Jose Joseph

She was born in 1967 in a  hilly  Village called Peringulam, her mother took her, and her seven siblings to her grandparent's house in another Village called valchira. Both places were in Kerala, South India. She was only one year old, in her mother's hands, and did not know why they had moved to that house.

Her dreams were genuine and less demanding than her childhood. She is always content with what she has. Never run behind money, power, and fame.

She was fed up with their concerns, as she was learning about life from her own and others' experiences. References must be enhanced and encouraging. It shouldn't be discouraging and destructive. They kept watching her over the years. But that was not out of their love for her. But they wanted to find faults and spent quality time gossiping against her.

Still, she kept accepting everyone. She did not underrate any person. But she wanted to stay consistent with her doings and her personality without harming others. But later, she had to take a track which has nothing to do with her so-called relatives. There she started her life to fulfill her ambitions., Again, loneliness kept disturbing her. Giving up was not her style. Therefore she had no choice but to walk forward with her limited power sources.