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Deadly Angels

by Aditya Singh

Format: Paperback

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Their guns bring peace to you, their existence helps you to subsist, their methods might be deadly, but they are ANGELS for you.

Each day, thousands of criminal activities are monitored by the intelligence community. Some promising high threats, some merely crank calls.

But when the community’s main programmer, William Henrique is killed, and the community’s Virtual Signature is on the hunt, it is confirmed that the killers aren’t a bunch of college kids.

Now this Signature can lead the killers to some of the most crucial information about America. So what is U.S.A basically left with? What is their last hope?

Well, it is time for U.S.A to once again turn their heads to, THE DEADLY ANGELS….

Aditya Singh is a 12 year old boy (you heard it man!) who is in a hopeless love with storytelling. He is a voracious reader and loves thrillers and adventures. He is passionate about history and mythology. In his debut book, ‘Deadly Angels’ he has unfolded his love for thrillers into a fictional narrative that changes your views about secret agents.



Deadly Angels





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