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Death of Sarat Rout

Author Name: Ashok Nanda | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Step back in time to the enchanting villages of 1960s Eastern India, where secrets whisper through every breeze and tradition weaves the fabric of daily life. Through the innocent eyes of Pahali, a young boy navigating the world from his village school desk, we are introduced to a realm rich with mystical beliefs, ancient rituals, and age-old customs. But amidst the vibrant tapestry of rural existence, a shroud of mystery descends upon the community with the enigmatic death of Sarat Rout, sending ripples of unease through the villagers. Everyone knows who might be responsible, yet no one dares to utter the truth.

In 'Death of Sarat Rout,' the masterful narrative by Ashok Nanda, unfolds the intricate web of rural life, painting vivid portraits of temples, witchcraft, gods and goddesses, beggars, and the complex social structure. With a keen eye, Pahali and his friends observe their elders, including the enigmatic Gada oldman, exposing hidden contradictions and cultural suppression within their society. As the story tantalizingly unfurls, the entire village awaits the revelation of Sarat Rout's demise, keeping the mystery alive until the heart-pounding truth is unveiled in the gripping climax. Prepare to be transported to a world of wonder and intrigue, where life and death dance in the shadows of an enigmatic past.

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Ashok Nanda

Ashok Nanda holds a master's degree in Philosophy and a Law degree. He delved into political activism right from his college days and dedicated himself to addressing the concerns of slum dwellers, farmers, and human rights. His extensive career in social work encompasses assisting refugees, leprosy patients, individuals with disabilities, and indigenous communities. Additionally, he is a proficient expert in waste management. His early inspiration from Herman Hesse led him on a path of seeking profound experiences. While working with leprosy patients, he underwent a personal transformation, leading him to question his faith. Ashok Nanda skillfully balances his life between spiritual exploration, creative endeavors, social work, and political activism.



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