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Decoding the Digital Jungle (Author Copies)

Author Name: Vikas Chawla, David Appasamy, Nandita Raman | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Much like the annual spectacle of millions of wildebeest and zebras migrating from the parched savannahs, humankind too witnessed an even greater migration over the last two decades where 4.5 billion people ‘migrated’ to the internet. Over the last few years, this migration has led to a phenomenal growth of digital marketing. While digital as a medium has evolved tremendously, brands are still looking at how they can decode the digital jungle. This book juxtaposes modern marketing concepts with the wilderness. It explores the impending questions of every brand campaign - Why?". Why does your product or service even exist? Why should anyone buy it? Why should they choose you over your competitors?

It is also packed with case studies and infallible insights on the art of storytelling on new platforms, leveraging a brand’s online assets to enhance customer experience and identifying proven strategies to boost online sales. Right from establishing your brand to going that extra mile to convert the leads into loyal customers, and driving ROI, Decoding the Digital Jungle takes the readers on a safari of marketing concepts transitioning from the traditional to the digital age.

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Vikas Chawla, David Appasamy, Nandita Raman

Decoding the Digital Jungle is the brainchild of 3 established digital marketers who have carefully crafted and curated this guide. Vikas Chawla is the co-founder of Social Beat, a leading digital growth partner for leading brands, and DigiGrad. With 15 years of experience, Vikas is a digital enthusiast who walks, talks and thinks digitally. David Appasamy, head of Brand and Strategy at Social Beat comes with over 35 years experience across marketing and communications having worked in ITC, Sify and Mudra DDB. David brings insightful tips stemming from decades of experience in digital marketing and business strategy. Nandita Raman, Associate Vice President of Content and SEO in Social Beat has over 8 years of experience in content marketing. She has helped businesses and brands leverage the latest SEO and content marketing techniques to achieve key business goals. 



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