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Delirious Architecture Midjourney for Architects: Hallucinations and Reality

Author Name: Sahil Tanveer | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Arts, Photography & Design | Other Details

In "Delirious Architecture: Midjourney for Architects - Hallucinations and Reality," Sahil Tanveer invites you on a thrilling expedition to the frontiers of architecture and artificial intelligence. What happens when the precision of AI collides with the fluidity of architectural creativity? This book unveils a world where traditional design boundaries dissolve, revealing a landscape brimming with unexplored possibilities.

Venture into the heart of the Midjourney model, where ideas transform into controlled visual hallucinations. Can AI serve as more than a tool, becoming a co-creator in the architectural realm? Tanveer's narrative bridges the chasm between algorithmic complexity and the creative soul of architecture, offering a glimpse into a future where the architect's pen and AI's infinite canvas blend into an indistinguishable horizon.

Are you ready to challenge your perceptions of the possible? "Delirious Architecture" is not just a journey through AI applications but a reflection of its transformative potential in our concrete reality. This book is your ticket to a new era of innovation and creativity in architectural design.

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Sahil Tanveer

Sahil Tanveer, an innovative architect and author from Dharwad, Karnataka, is the visionary mind behind "Delirious Architecture: Midjourney for Architects - Hallucinations and Reality." Sahil's architectural journey is deeply influenced by his childhood fascination with stories and a keen observance of human behavior, nurtured by his grandfather, a professor of English. His approach to architecture is a unique blend of climatology, technology, and cultural context, mirroring his multifaceted upbringing.

In "Delirious Architecture," Sahil explores the intersection of artificial intelligence and architecture, a field where he has emerged as a thought leader. He skillfully combines his expertise in sustainable and contextual design with cutting-edge AI technologies. His insights stem from his role as a contributor to online architectural magazines and as the curator of a thought-provoking blog, where he shares his unique perspectives on architectural trends and innovations.

Sahil's architectural practice is characterized by a commitment to integrating AI as a co-creative partner in design. This ethos is reflected in his work at RBDS and the RBDSai Lab, where he pushes the boundaries of traditional architecture. Sahil's writing, including this latest publication, is not just a dissemination of knowledge but a reflection of his journey in understanding the profound impact of AI on architecture, society, and culture. His belief in the power of a generalist approach shines through in his exploration of how architecture can be transformed in the era of AI, making his book an essential read for architects, designers, and tech enthusiasts alike.



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