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Democratic Animal Farm

Author Name: Ram Ji Tripathi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

"Democratic Animal Farm" is an allegorical narrative exploring the intricate dynamics of power, manipulation, and the often deceptive allure of democracy. Set on a farm named Nirvana, animals initially live under the tyranny of a cunning leader. Craving equality, they ignite a rebellion. After toppling their leader, the new authority, rather than building a true democracy, subtly adopts the former leader’s manipulative tactics, betraying the core principles of fairness. The narrative takes a darker turn when it is unveiled that the past and current leaders were clandestinely colluding to exploit the animals. As tensions surge once more, a charismatic figure re-emerges to galvanize the discontented animals. They revolt anew, yearning for genuine democracy. But the conclusion of the story is disheartening. In a twist, two animals unearth the truth: the leaders, past and present, were comrades in a scheme to manipulate the farm's inhabitants. The tale concludes grimly, highlighting the perpetuating cycle of deceit and subjugation that lingers, irrespective of the change in command. The animals’ aspiration for an authentic democracy appears perpetually elusive, ensnared in a loop that solely favors those wielding power. This story stands as a poignant critique of the intricate nature of democracy, the dark potential when power is abused, & the essential, constant vigilance required to uphold the spirit of fairness and equality—a relevant and timely tale in our  world. 

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