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Destination Unknown

by Satyavrat Vaidya

Format: Paperback

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Aditya wrapped his arm around Ali as they slept peacefully, a smile on their faces, a smile of happiness and anticipation of things to come ...

Aditya Rao arrives in Nandipore with an intention to set up an adventure camp near the Vaikunth river. A wild-at-heart free bird, living in a tent out of a couple of rucksacks, he meets the suave Ali Hussain, a no-nonsense archeologist who resides in a splendid mansion. Opposites attract, and the two hit it well to embark on a “bromantic” journey. They strive to make things work, chasing Aditya’s dream which appears to be just around the corner. But life is full of eddies and troughs which they brave and carry on, moving towards a destination which probably is unknown.

Satyavrat Vaidya is a doctor by profession and works in the field of Addiction Medicine. He loves to read, write and travel. His areas of interest are psychology, world history and theology. A self-proclaimed foodie, he loves to try authentic cuisines from all parts of the world during his travels. He lives on an estate in Kullu, where he tends to his orchards when he is not busy taking care of his patients. His wife, Leena, and their twins, Raghav and Madhav, make life worthwhile for him.



Destination Unknown





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