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Dictionary of Computer Science and Engineering

by Hemakumar G., Punitha P.

Format: Paperback

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This book is the Dictionary of Computer Science and Engineering which contains around 1500 computer terminologies. The aim of this book is to impart to students the knowledge and skills that are needed to successfully face the viva voice exams and interviews. Here each terminology is well defined and explained clearly. In this book the words are arranged in alphabetical order which helps to search the words very quickly, this book covers the most commonly and frequently used terminologies from the entire subjects related to Computer Science, Applications, and Engineering and Technology streams. This book is useful for all streams of students who need to learn and know about the meaning, definition and explanatory of most frequently using terminologies in the field of Information Technology. These words are most frequently used and asked has questions during the examinations, practical viva-voice exams and campus interview. This book is most useful for all Diploma, Under Graduate and Post Graduates students who are studying or completed the B.E, MCA, M.Sc in Computer Science, BCA, Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering, MS in computer science, B.Sc in Computer science and Computer Maintenance. This book can also be referred for research scholars’ and professionals for their mastering in the computer terminologies.

Hemakumar G. has an M.Sc in computer science, an M.Phil in computer science and a PhD in computer science. He is presently working as an assistant professor and Head, department of computer science, Government College for women, Mandya. He has twelve years of teaching experience and has worked as member and an administrator in various academic bodies and throughout his career. He has published eight research articles in various international journals and completed a UGC sponsored minor research project. His research interests are Speech Recognition, Pattern Recognition and Digital Signal Processing.

Dr. Punitha. P
is currently working as a technical manager at HCL Technologies, Bangalore. She has experience working in both industry and academic side. She has done her PhD in computer science from the University of Mysore in 2006 and a Post Doctoral Research from the University of Glasgow, Scotland from 2006-2010. Dr. Punitha has also worked as a professor and a full time academic member of staff within the Department of Master of Computer Applications, at the PES Information Technology, Bangalore. She is currently guiding eight PhD students. She has published around 56 research articles in various refereed international journals like IEEE transactions, PR and PRL and conference proceedings like SIGIR, ECIR, CIVR, ACM.



Dictionary of Computer Science and Engineering





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