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Did Saint Paul Deviate From The Gospel?

by Devaprakash R. Shampur

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Roman ruler, Pontius Pilate, asked, “What is truth,” about 2000 years ago to Jesus, who had declared, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” However, even now the question haunts all honest seekers when it comes to knowing the absolute truth! With the physical disappearance of Jesus Christ—as it happens in all religious movements—deviations from the Founder’s preaching have occurred right from the very beginning with the infiltrations of false prophets to divert our focus on the Lord. The believers in Jesus have split into many groups, sects and denominations, each claiming monopoly of the truth!
The author who became a believer in 1977, hailing from a Hindu Devanga Brahmin community, has continued with a great zeal of knowing the truth that is universal. He has had a strong fellowship with Baptists in USA as well as in India. He has experienced fellowship with Brethren Assembly, and now in Church of South India of which he is a member.
He has attended worship services in Methodist, Roman Catholic and Pentecostal-based group of churches. He has observed closely the attitude and behaviour of people belonging to Pentecostal groups that includes his relatives. He has read books related to the study of different denominations. With about four decades of studies and fellowships, he is of the firm view now that one has to revert to the four books of the Gospel to understand how much of Paul’s writings conform to the teaching of Jesus that offers salvation.

The author is a retired principal and professor of mechanical engineering having served in a couple of engineering colleges in the state of Karnataka. He had his education both in India as well as in the U.S.A., with degrees of Master of Engineering from Bangalore University and Master of Science from the University of Cincinnati, USA. He is a fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India) and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
He has been listed in “Who is Who in the World?” published by Marquis, U.S.A., Dictionary of International Biography, Cambridge, U.K., and Asia’s “Who is Who?”
He is a freelancer. His letters and opinions have been published in almost all English Dailies (Deccan Herald, Times of India, New Indian Express, Hindu, Vijaya Times, Daily News Analysis, Free Press Journal, and Asian Age); weeklies (India Today, Outlook, Frontline, and The Week) and Reader’s Digest including ASME Mechanical Engineering Magazine.
His books, “Wisdom, Human Spirit and Travel”, “Why I Am A Believer in Jesus” (A Story of a Hindu Devanga Brahmin), “Can A Christian Marry, Divorce, and Remarry” and “Artful Argentina and Awesome Antarctica” have been published by Notion Press.



Did Saint Paul Deviate From The Gospel?





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