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DISNEY REPRISE : OLD STORIES, NEW SONGS Disney : The WonderLand of Songs & Stories

Author Name: NATUREBELLA | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details
Today when girls are reaching heights and it becomes a matter of debate if they really need a prince charming to ' rescue' them , it's importatnt to revisit the old stories and make them a perfect edition for everyone. Understand that we could work , play , live on our own but it's more adventurous with a great company and that can be any gender , any age. It's not just a love story or fiction book for girls, it's for everyone . For young boys to young men to know how to treat a woman nicely. How they can dream too and be shy and vulnerable to Love and the Women can show strength and understanding here to support them as aspected of them. Traveling new places, finding adventures in the Nature's space. Not just someone looking for prince charming or imagine how great the other world is because you haven't been there. It is for everyone who loves to explore the NEW : colours, songs, stories and imagination of the great minds. The detail in each picture is highlighted by different colours and shapes and it would be interesting if you watch it different glasses : magnifying, coloured, 3D beautiful or exciting robotic vision to gain some ' perspective' . The poems and songs are for you to sing along as NATUREBELLA JOINS YOU IN THE ADVENTURE. Morning delight , evening pleasure or Soothing nights, you decide how and when you want to enjoy exploring the colourful ride.
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The Author is an artist who derives inspiration from the root cultures of different worlds and adjust her telescopic to microcopic lens to view and present stories in a unique way.Also the author of beautifully compiled picture book for children 'The Nature Kids- Jungle and Jingle' and a fiction story book ' Jazz in the Pyramids' based on amalgamating the Egyptian culture with Boston setting and a French Professor. With bringing her experience of mixed media Art on canvas to paper now, NatureBella explores her artistic reach and potential audience.She's also a researcher working on Universal signs and signals that works as a programming for us humans as Robots.Her unique imagination can be seen in an art gallery, the canvas paintings or sketches she prepares and in the world of poetry and wordplays. She hopes to reach out to more audience that love and appreciate her weirdness just as she does.