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DOTS eventually, everything's connecting

Author Name: Amith M D | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

...and then, we belonged to the irregular galaxy.

As we continue to fall deeper into the digital ditch, human touch seems to be fading away like water drops on a heated pan. Given the future fast approaching machine interactions, the need to hold on to the feeling of owning basics and feeling their significance from within is rising at an alarming rate. Enter DOTS.

Experience the realistic side of anthology crafted with an honest effort to bring out profound meanings from day-to-day things and embed their messages deep into our subconscious mind. 

The poems you are about to read aren’t penned down to preach but to mirror our environment in its absolute crude form through symbolism. As you flip through the pages, you will realize how each simple object tries to whisper something to us but we are often too caught up in the noisy world. Finally, the rules of punctuation and capitalization are intentionally broken to amplify the unconventional attributes of the poems.

Welcome to a fresh and unique style of object poetry, where chaos will find order through you, and eventually, everything will connect.

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Amith M D

Born to a humble middle-class family and living in Bangalore, Amith’s debut book is making impressive progress and picking up pace off late, owing to his offbeat writing style. An ardent believer of doing more with less, he is always on the hunt to experiment with literary techniques while delivering the message without excess dramatization. 

A post-graduate from Manipal University in Media and Communication, he works as a Content Specialist in Bangalore. He abides by his alma mater’s motto – Faith & Toil and applies the same principles to his life and his writing practices. His second book is underway and will be out soon.

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