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Author Name: Shaikh Abdulaziz | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

Dracula can't see his own reflection in the mirror because he is a reflection of the culture around him. Ever since Bram Stoker penned Dracula in 1897, the vampire's image has been a work in progress.
In the 43 sequels, remakes and adaptations of Stoker's novel, Transylvania's most famous son rarely appears the same way twice. He has evolved with the society around him. His physical traits, powers and weaknesses have morphed to suit cultural and political climates from the Victorian era to the Cold War.
Read on to see how the "Son of the Devil" has changed over time: Today, Dracula often conjures up images of a sexy, mysterious, debonair aristocrat, but Bram Stoker's 1897 Count Dracula was none of those things. There are many theories about how Stoker crafted Dracula's look; some have speculated that the Irish author modeled him after his personal hero, Walt Whitman. 
Stoker writes that Dracula had a thick mustache, a large nose and white hair that "grew scantily round the temples but profusely elsewhere." (See how those rumors about Whitman — pictured above — got started?) He describes the Count's general look as "one of extraordinary pallor." Dracula had sharp teeth, pointy ears, squat fingers and hair in the palms of his hands. The sexy, debonair vampire was a creation of latergenerations.

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Shaikh Abdulaziz

Shaikh Abdulaziz is a currently Student of V.E.SPolytechnic in departmentMechnical Engineering (Chembur) Mumbai. He did his Primary, Secondary School in National Sarvodaya High School. He was Born on a Cold Winter Night, When even time seemed to stand still, in Allahabad village. He does not remember much of early childhood but he was very active, curious and communicative child fortunately, my thirst for knowledge did not come to end when he at school. He was passionate about Science and Mathematcis. This passion helped again profound knowledge in there areas, and he was admitted to the college of my dreams. Till date as a student of V.E.S polytechnic and he says that he feel very happy about it. He was certain that his Degree will become a ticket to a better tomorrow. He studies hard and devote his free time reading books and watching Interviews with Recognized Specialists in the field. He understood that Life is not just a bed of Roses, and challenges and hardships are an Integral element of Life. At last Paying off his Student loan has become an Important Challenge for him.