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Dream On Every setback is a little nudge from HIM to Dream On

by Manoj Arora

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Rahul is a dumb failure at school. His confidant, Priya, inspires him to fight out against all odds. He learns to dream. Every setback teaches him to ‘Dream On’ and discover his passion.

His journey from failure to chasing his passion, ultimately leads to discovery of his life’s mission. He goes on to become a global phenomenon. Connecting the dots, he realises that each setback was a little nudge from God, to course-correct his path, and move forward.

This book should inspire you to lead an extraordinary life. It portrays how God is there with us every moment, to help us discover our mission. HE is asking us to Dream On… and it would be a pity if we live our life small.

MANOJ ARORA is an engineering gold medalist and an IT Executive. During his strong Electrical Engineering & IT career spanning two decades, he has worked for the best of Fortune 500 organizations across the globe including L&T, TCS and IBM. An executive-turned-author, he has to his credit, bestselling books on Financial Freedom and Happiness. He now chases his life's mission to elevate the world around him and mentors people on aspects of dreams, freedom and happiness.


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