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Dreams of Perfection

Author Name: G. C. Nightwalker | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Abarrane blueberry is a seventeen year old nerd with a relatively happy life, even though she lost her dad, she has a rich author for a mother, who acts like a friend when she needs one, a really handsome and nice boyfriend and a good friend in Sheela, but all goes down hill as her boyfriend is erased from existence and she finds herself in a foreign land with powers she has no idea how to control… on the plus side her dad is back… but is he the same?

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G. C. Nightwalker

Gopal Chakraborty (G. C. Nightwalker) turned 20 on April 10 2020. He is a self taught pianist and singer song writer.

He came up with the idea of this book series back when he was 11 years old and since then this has been his 8th attempt. 

He is a moral relativist and a gamer. He believes in letting his work speak for itself and is a strong believer in separation of art and artist. His first ever publication was in his school magazine a short story which later became a precursor for dreams of perfection subsequently he published two more short stories in his college magazine and on notion press write your heart out. 

As of now he has a YouTube channel that he began uploading to back in March with the first video released on the occasion of Chester bennington’s birthday on march 20 and also uploads on his Instagram.

He wishes that his stories will do the same for others as books like Harry Potter and assassins creed the last crusade (yes assassins creed has books) did for him and hopefully inspire more writers to come and populate the market with passionate storytelling.