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Earth Shasthra A Compendium of Real Estate Definitions & Laws of Reality

Author Name: Lion Dr Kiron | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Roti, Kapada & Makaan

Our very own Indian Dream falls short of its credibility in today’s world where people spend incredible amount and time on temporary investments like food and fashion but have zero information and knowledge about land. In the Indian scenario, every other sector has websites, advertising segments and crores spent on updating the trends in fashion, vehicles and consumer goods, but so little is said and done about the real estate sector. In reality, the truth is that every business and literally the whole world works on the financial viability of land/property.

People have always been intimidated by land and the intricate yet simple intelligence that is required to be an owner of a property. This book aims to bridge the gap between the common man and the extensive knowledge available on the internet and in reality. There are no wise investments, only wise people who arm themselves with ample knowledge and push ahead by hard work. These people take success and failure as two sides of a coin and forge pathways towards building a legacy of their own. Your journey starts here!

My journey through the concrete jungle of realty for the past three decades has provided me with the knowledge that ‘people dictate progress,’ not vice versa. Invest in land, and it will definitely take care of you. The most reliable and dependable part of humanity is the land we stand on. Invest in it, nurture it and make it an asset for the generations to come.

                                                                                                                        Lion .Dr Kiron

                                                                      (Builder, Businessman, Philanthropist & Globetrotter)



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Lion Dr Kiron

A good salesman does his job; a great salesman goes on to create more jobs

– Lion Dr Kiron

Kiron’s first job, fresh out of college, was in real estate sales. As the older son of a highly disciplined and respected family, where both parents were inspectors in the revenue and accounting departments, Kiron learnt the value of time and money by observing his parents. At a very young age, Kiron proved to be an asset at every company he worked with, taking businesses to soaring heights. He took the real estate world by storm, becoming the number one person in marketing and sales in the real estate sector. Soon, Kiron decided it was time to carve a niche of his own and started Suchir India, a company that is into real estate, construction, finance and much more. With over 13 successful, prestigious projects and many more in the pipeline in India and abroad, Kiron has made a mark for himself in real estate, hospitality, construction and finance. Kiron believes that success and humility go hand in hand.

The more you achieve, the more you must contribute!

As a torchbearer for the underprivileged, Kiron’s philanthropy stems from the values that were fed to him as a child. His CSR foundation helps numerous disabled and poor children towards better health, education and employment.

Motivated by the core values of his idol APJ Abdul Kalam and the dynamic vision of businessmen like Richard Branson, Kiron manages to maintain that fragile balance between doing the right thing and doing it right.