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Eco-friendly Living For a Better Tomorrow

Author Name: Dr. Reshma Prashant Ghoderao | Format: Paperback | Genre : Home & Garden | Other Details

“Do you love your home?” If the answer to this question is yes, well then this book is for you! But here ‘home’ refers to the common dwelling of all the living creatures of this planet, i.e. our earth. Just as we keep our homes clean, preserve and nurture it, a similar sentiment ought to be extended by each one of us towards our planet. We need to become the caretakers of our earth and safeguard our ecosystems.

Knowingly or unknowingly our actions are harming the environment, giving rise to multiple issues of global concern, from water scarcity problems, depleting energy resources to plastic pollution and the overwhelming issue of optimum waste management. ‘After overconsumption of our natural resources, how can we restore the earth’s fading glory?’ This is the pertinent question we need to ask ourselves. This book intends to be an essential guide to inculcate earth friendly habits and enhance citizen participation in conserving the earth’s natural resources so as to maintain a favourable balance in nature. It is a compilation of ideas, tips, tools and methods for a more ecofriendly and sustainable living.

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Dr. Reshma Prashant Ghoderao

Dr. Reshma Ghoderao has a credible academic base, with an MBBS degree and post-graduation in Diabetology from the Mumbai University. She currently practices as a Consultant Diabetologist at Nashik. She has earnest interest in various fields pertaining to social causes, but her passion for a green lifestyle and an urge to create environmental awareness has culminated in the making of this book. Though a first time author, she has numerous articles published in magazines and newspapers on health, environment related issues and general topics. She has been creating awareness about ecofriendly lifestyle and sensitizing the general public through various campaigns and through the use of social media. It’s her constant endeavour to instill, inspire and incorporate earth-friendly ideas and concepts amongst all.

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