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Ek Anubhooti Paramaanand Kee (Sansarik Jeevan Mein Param Shanti)

Author Name: Deepak Shree | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

This book titled “Ek Anubhooti Paramaanand Kee” is an experimental and spiritual book. We used to think that the components of this ‘kaliyuga’ (age of downfall) namely nuisance, disturbance, lust, attraction, illusion, greed, anger etc. are the causes of unrest and sorrow. We were also disturbed due to our misdeeds, meaningless things and few people. This book will help us assimilate that we were not unfortunate for the same, neither ignorant to think so, rather The Creator chose us as a medium to run its existence effectively and made us felt this way. So at suitable point of time, when The Creator changes our viewpoint, then not only happiness, not even bliss, we will only get Ultimate Bliss (Paramanand).

It makes us realise that we all are wise in this world but we don’t use our precise knowledge at right time, hence end up getting upset. It will help us staying away from the materialistic worries and complaints. We would realise that we are the best and beautiful creations. We can find out some truths and unanswered questions to realise that there is no any useless thing or event like lust, anger, greed, enmity, sin etc. We can also rectify our past along with present and future. If we see any person and incident in totality, then we neither praise nor complain about anyone and similarly we neither mourn nor repent on any incident.

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Deepak Shree

The Author, Deepak Shree, was made available a diploma in Mechanical Engineering before making a degree in Civil Engineering. After this rare combination of two streams of engineering studies, he was also made available a Master’s degree in Structural engineering from Delhi University followed by Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Disaster Management. By profession in the present life, he has been made employed as an officer in any organization. In addition to these, hundreds of engineering diploma and degree holders were not only made educated, but also exchanged views with them in a friendly manner by author. The Creator has provided the author, Deepak Shree, this spiritual outlook after a lot of materialistic ups and downs in life analysed in engineering and administrative manners.



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