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Elephant in the Store Room 21 days Forgiveness Self-Healing Program

Author Name: Dr. Anu Teotia | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Elephant in the Storeroom is a metaphorical expression for forgiveness being a difficult choice for people. Even when people are aware that forgiveness is fundamental to have fulfilling relationships and a thriving life, it still seems out of reach. Storeroom stands for our unconscious mind, where we carry all the traumatic experiences. This book is a self-healing manual for everyone who believes in self-growth and wants to acknowledge and embrace their imperfectly perfect magnificent existence as a human being. Based on the psychotherapeutic underpinnings, this book is an attempt to provide therapeutic support through various forgiveness-based activities and meditations to all who might be looking for it.

When you encounter the elephant in the storeroom, you’re able to:

-    have healthy relationships in your life.

-    feel respected, valued and loved.

-    have a blissful life.

-    feel safe, protected and have peace and much more…


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Dr. Anu Teotia

Anu Teotia is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Amity University, Noida and a certified Psychotherapist. Being trained in various therapies like Neuro-linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy (California Hypnosis Institute, USA), Rational-Emotive and Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (Albert Ellis Institute, New York), her prowess is the functioning of the conscious and unconscious mind.  She is UGC NET qualified and holds a doctorate in psychology. With her ten years of experience in the field of psychology, she is also contributing as a Member of California Hypnosis Institute and Indian Academy of Health Psychology.

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