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Encounter at Eaglemont

by Sandra Jardine

Format: Paperback

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Russ is shocked when his brother’s bride, Cressida, conveys her husband’s wish that Russ sire a child on his behalf. Although he agrees and the attempt fails, those passion-filled nights result in his falling in love with her. But when he tells her to divorce Wayne and marry him, she refuses, owing so much to her husband.

Can Russ break off his engagement to Danielle, and win back Cressida, who loves him but still refuses to marry him?

Sandra Jardine loves two things most – reading everything she can find, and trying out all kinds of writing.

Sandra Jardine’s favourite genre to work in is romantic fiction. She loves to write riveting stories with unforgettable characters in a crisp style.



Encounter at Eaglemont





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