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English Grammar and Writing Skills

by Sudhir S Padhye

Format: Paperback

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‘English Grammar and Writing Skills’ has been designed for use as a textbook for school students and those in higher secondary. The book has been planned, keeping in mind the needs of the students, and is aligned to the CBSE and SSC boards.

The exercises in each chapter will help the students prepare for their examinations.

The book introduces the student to grammar concepts, step by step, and is rich in examples. The exercises are meant to reinforce the understanding of the concepts.

At the end of the study, students will be pleasantly surprised by their improved understanding of the subject.

Sudhir S Padhye graduated from the University of Bombay, Mumbai and is an MBA with distinction from IME, Pune. He had a long stint in banking services, in a prime position.

He is at present engaged in organizing English coaching classes, mainly for school students and junior college students.



English Grammar and Writing Skills





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