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Author Name: Sankalp Mirani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

"His grip on her was firm, solidly guiding. She could feel the strength of his hands against her flesh, not really rough, but not exactly gentle either. He positioned her where he wanted her and made it clear that she should stay still. His hand on her shoulder. His grip on her hip. When he entered her, the way he filled her and stretched her made her feel breathless. He controlled her body. He focused her mind."

There are purely erotic visions in this book. It contains of a story of a girl who is an exclusive sex doll who turns into a lovebuddy for the  one she works.

Sitting in the cool, empty five star restaurant, I Was nervous as hell. The air conditioning in the Classy furnished room seemed unable to cool the Heat that coursed through my body as I waited From my client. It wasn’t like I was a rookie in this business but Knowing my client was one of the most powerful Men in the country, I couldn’t be blamed for Feeling as I did.

When the madam had called me up that morning That I had a new exclusive client, I’d been elated. Exclusive meant more money and a steady Commission but when she’d gone farther to add that. It was Richard Doherty, I’d almost gone into An anaphylactic shock. My jaw had probably been Left hanging a few seconds more than was Normal.

Until Then Richard, Unitl now.

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Sankalp Mirani

Sankalp Mirani can usually be found reading a book, and that book will more likely than not be a psychological thriller. Writing a novel was always on his bucket list, and eventually, with Erotica, it became a reality. . When not absorbed in the latest gripping page-turner, Sankalp loves singing, playing, cooks very badly, enjoys riding her Vespa around town, and otherwise spends far too much time at the computer. 

" Functionality comes by working."  Sankalp Mirani is the Hindustan Times and CBFC's bestselling author of more than 3 books, and the Reta® award winning writer of the literary TV show A PUN ON WORDS. He also writes urban fantasy under the pen name Improvkaar. His work has won critical acclaim, prestigious awards, been optioned for television, and has been published in 28 countries. Sankalp lives in India with his parents and friends, where he is hard at work on his next novel.



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