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Exits and Entrances Café Alibaba and Other Plays

Author Name: Satish Khot | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Café Alibaba:
The play explores the friendship, rivalry and angst of four young professionals brought together by the chance of everyday life and the convenient meeting place of a cafe near their bus stop. However, the gentle turbulence in their interaction spirals out of control with unexpected developments – a deep-seated resentment, a knife rashly wielded…
Manto and the Dhoban:
We are transported to the Partition era: An unsophisticated village girl surprises Manto (the legendary Urdu writer) with her cool strength, spirit and derring-do.
Raghu Raghunath: 
Friendship comes in many hues, with different expectations and varying shelf lives. For Raghu, his partner is “his north, his south, his east and west”.
Timshel (Thou Mayest!): 
Life is a drama of complex relationships. But when the dreaded C word intrudes, and death is imminent, it can either get hopelessly even more complicated… or else, is suddenly simplified.
Life in the Time of Corona: 
A trilogy of plays depicting life in these unprecedented, restricted times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Restless and despondent, three couples from different walks of life – a middle-class aging couple, young professionals and spunky millennials – find ways to navigate the obstacle course.
The play exposes the near-tragic situation of a middle-aged couple who have nothing to live for. They get on each other’s nerves in a way that smacks of the acerbic but is also comic. They plan to leave this world with a bang, not a whimper. But whoever said that life is so simple as to go according to plan?

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Satish Khot

Satish Khot 
is an engineer and manager by training (he has degrees from IIT Bombay and IIM Calcutta), but by inclination… a bit of a philosopher! Growing up as an army brat, he has lived in many cities in India and some abroad. His curiosity and desire to explore and discover has taken him to many countries to see and experience the differences in different peoples and also the ultimate similarity of all people on the planet. Having worn the hats of an engineer, management consultant, environmentalist and activist, Satish Khot has now reinvented himself as a writer. He is currently putting together a collection of short stories.