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Feelings and Thoughts The Only Way to Understand Who We Are Is by Letting Go of Who We Are Not

Author Name: Kamlesh Nair | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Never pretend to be someone you are not, maintain your identity, or soon you will be lost.

The most important thing you have is your heart, mind, body, and soul; let no one take it away from you, your courage, your fire, be the person you are and you will always have what you desire.

Feelings and Thoughts is about how we feel and how we can make things better, it is an easy read and makes it easy to share your feelings with your loved ones. It is about how we have lost the essence of life by running behind materialistic things and forgot about what matters. We have stopped giving importance to those who truly make a difference in our life, we have started taking things for granted from people who love us and truly care for us. It will make you realize how important it is to live your life correctly and focus on the present rather than dwelling in the past and imagining the future and losing out on the present moments you can cherish. The true way of living your life is in the present moment. 

This book will encourage you to open your mind and help you to express your feelings and be kind. Always look at the nature around you they always remain true to themselves and we admire them for what they are, be it a river, mountains, moon, or star. 

Feelings and Thoughts will enhance your thoughts and motivate you to focus on who you truly are and not someone you pretend to be.

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Kamlesh Nair

Mr. Kamlesh Nair is a very passionate and hardworking individual who has started his career at a very young age and being in the Hospitality industry for 20 years, after meeting millions of people travelling around the world he has found that it’s not easy for people to express their feelings even if they want to. 

This book is all about his feeling and thoughts for his loved ones and he believes that these pure and unconditional feelings must be expressed in time and therefore through the rhyming lines he wants to touch millions of heart by making you read and dedicate these wonderful poems to your loved ones.

So just relax, sit back with your loved ones in your mind and read this book to realize, how truly blessed you are in this life.  

It’s never too late to start. Follow your dreams and believe in them. “DREAMS DO COME TRUE”.