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Find Me A Girlfriend a lovelicious story of love

Author Name: Rohit Dey | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

This fictional work was inspired by ideas taken from real life. Abhinav's naivete is on full display in "Find me a Girlfriend," a love story in which he repeatedly falls for different women, is rejected by them, and then falls in love again, all before finding his true love in a lucky girlfriend. 

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Rohit Dey

Rohit Dey is a modern-day writer who attunes his words to artistic recreation. His early success and growth propel him from a fashion model to a fiction writer. Furthermore, he started his career as an assistant director for television in 2015 and gradually shifted to fashion and fitness modelling by the age of 19. He has been recognised as the youngest fitness instructor and lifestyle consultant, ensuring some internationally recognised credits and certificates in his name. In 2018, he represented Dollywood in the "MR. India" modelling competition in Delhi and won the "State Title" for his state, Assam.

Furthermore, he encapsulates much of his artistic expression through the medium of lyrical connotation and song-making. His advancement in writing lyrical music is quite relevant and ongoing. From the beginning of his rustic family background, his traditional upbringing and family heritage instilled in him the seeds of spirituality and spatiality. In his most recent poetry, he writes, "

"In the shade of black, blue, and green...

The world seems to be so colourfully undecorated and yet so clean.

Something in the sky appears to be blue, while everything on earth appears to be pleasantly green.

Henceforth, either I am the soul artist... or I am the only artist.

If writing had been just a choice in my mind, I would have chosen to drive a car on Mars. Fortunately, it is my very breath, and whenever it breathes, my life continues.

Rohit Dey