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Finding Shiva A Scientific Exploration of the Formless God

Author Name: Gaurav Pattnaik | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

Ever wondered whether ‘The Holy Ghost’ in Christianity and ‘Bhoothnath’ in Hinduism, or the concept of ‘The formless God’ as Allah and as Shiva, has more to it than meets the eye? Is there a common strand that binds them all? How does Shiva’s third eye destroy everything, and how does Brahmā’s mind create anything? Well, if you are one of those curious thinkers who keep looking for scientific evidence that give meaning to mythological tales, then get ready to be amazed. The hidden gems uncovered in this book will surprise you.

Drawing from biology, archaeology, cosmology, geology, topology, anaesthesiology, radiology, and quantum physics, 'Finding Shiva' offers a fascinating journey into the essence of Indian gods. Surprisingly, it also touches upon prophets and deities from diverse religions in ways you've never imagined. It explores a trail of breadcrumbs that gods might have laid for us to explore, and has something in it for everybody.

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Gaurav Pattnaik

Gaurav is a Chemical Engineer from NIT Rourkela with an MBA from XIMB. He has a diverse professional background spanning production, quality, operations, consulting, education, and, more recently, writing. The founder of Jag Educate, a career consulting and TestPrep company, Gaurav has successfully guided many 'underdogs' to prestigious global universities. 

His multifaceted experiences encompassing various fields provided a rich foundation for ‘Finding Shiva,’ which has garnered widespread acclaim from both young and seasoned readers. The decision to delve into the intersection of science and mythology was sparked by the perennial question about life's purpose, a query frequently posed to him by his students. Their curiosity became the catalyst for his writing, prompting him to craft a work that not only invites readers to explore the marvels of life and the universe but also encourages critical thinking.

Like he says, "We may still be far away from the answers, but if we have started asking the right questions then we are on the right path."



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