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Flight of the Himalayan Eagle

by S. Krishnasamy

Format: Paperback

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Flight of the Himalayan Eagle is a tribute to the men and women of Indian Air Force, who stretch their flying machines to the limits of performance to realize formidable military missions.

Not infrequently, defence operations demand far more ‘power’ and ‘reach’ in their military machines to overcome difficult situations. Shortfalls that arise consequently in military capability take time to correct over years. The ingenuity of the armed forces is the one that fills up the gap in the mean time.

Flight of the Himalayan Eagle is an obvious example of the case. The book graphically recounts how IAF kept alive the lifelines of Army positions in the mountain frontier with aircraft that were only marginally capable of flight operations over the high mountains.

The book opens a window to the perils and intricacies of air operations in the Himalayan region as well as the stubborn confidence of the IAF men in their ability to handle any situation with whatever is at hand.

An aeronautical engineer by profession, Sankaralingam Krishnasamy served in the Defence Research and Development Organisation in a number of positions for over 38 years. He retired from DRDO service as Chief Executive, Centre for Military Airworthiness and Certification.

S Krishnasamy is a Technical Writer for reasons of his assignments in the many aircraft programmes. He is also a Short Story Writer and that was by his own choice. If one notices an undercurrent of human emotions in his technical narrations, readers will now know why! Flight of the Himalayan Eagle is one good example!

Krishnasamy is Aviation Consultant assisting programmes at defence laboratories in Bangalore. He is Fellow of the Aeronautical Society of India and Member of the Institute of Defence Scientists and Technologists.



Flight of the Himalayan Eagle





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