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Footprints of Wellbeing

Author Name: Pallavi Bhatnagar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

‘Footprints of Wellbeing’ is a simple, brief and easy to access book, offered for those who resist going for any long term therapeutic intervention for self-growth and resolving various mental health issues. It is an idea book of self-growth, not only for the students of Psychology and academicians but for people at large.

‘Footprints of Wellbeing’ is an attempt to re-engineer the hardwiring of fixed thought patterns, training the CPU to process life ‘as it is’ rather as ‘one wishes it to be’ or ‘as it should be’. It helps you to step out of the mind into the reality of the present moment, facilitating you to take charge of life, providing an insight into the effective healthy choices you have for spring cleaning of the mental life and changing gears, creating memory bank of positive happy memories and experiencing life in the moment and above all valuing self.

While walking, people are generally focused on the destination, however, walking to and fro within self mindfully, you are with each step just like your breath: your life force energy which stays with you. Be aware of your footsteps and each step would leave a footprint of the experience of the moment – fully lived.

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Pallavi Bhatnagar

Pallavi Bhatnagar, Ph.D is a professor and former Head, Department of Psychology, University of Lucknow, Lucknow, UP, India. Committed to bring about greater Well Being in the society, she conducts workshops on Stress Management, Happiness, T A, Life Skills, Positive Parenting, Creating Healthy Relationships, Effective Communication for senior administrative officers, police personnel, judicial magistrates, doctors, teachers, students and parents. Besides, she has been conducting training workshops on Mental Health Issues in COVID-19 sponsored by UNICEF and National Human Rights Commission. Besides, she has been providing counseling to people in distress for past thirty years. 

She has written eight books on various aspects of mental health, ‘Abnormal Psychology, The Inside Story: A Self Assessment Quiz’ and ‘Self Consistency: A Psycho Social Perspective’ to mention a few. Her book ‘Udaan’, a book on mental health issues of the youth with therapeutic inputs is an international edition. Her heart goes out to socially excluded groups and thirty doctoral dissertations under her supervision are focused on their mental health. With her training in Transactional Analysis and love for mindfulness, she is committed to reach out to the masses, creating greater ok ness and ‘Being in the moment’.