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From Baby Doll to Lady Love The Endless Journey from Birth

by Komal Bhanushali

Format: Paperback

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Komal has been deeply hurt by a past love.

This colours every relationship as she discovers that the love that she has lost is the only love that she desires.

Anuj is handsome, desirable and wants Komal. But he is unable to break into her heart.

For in her heart resides Ranbeer and only Ranbeer.

Anuj and Komal become fast friends, Best Friends Forever.

Anuj also finds his true love in Leeza and suddenly announces his marriage in Goa. Leeza arrives there with a group of her friends, which is a surprise, surprise includes Ranbeer.

Komal is stunned.

What happens next? Does Komal find her love again?

Komal Bhanushali, the character in this book, is a character in real life as well, who is pursuing a career as a Chartered Accountant and a Lawyer. Being a professional valuator, she knows the value of life and love too.

Komal strongly believes in being human. She believes that the uncommon experiences of her life would help others map their journey as well – and that is how this book came about.



From Baby Doll to Lady Love





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