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Game, Set, Match

Author Name: Harish S. Prabhu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Welcome to “Game, Set, Match.” As you embark on this literary journey, prepare to unlock the hidden potential of your mind and revolutionise the way you absorb information. This book is more than a guide; it’s a roadmap to memory mastery, designed for students, working professionals, and anyone eager to elevate their cognitive abilities.

The book navigates the intricacies of the major system and the rhythmic phonetic number system, empowering you to break free from the shackles of conventional learning. Ten bonus lessons cover speed reading, mind maps, reading in pictures, and more, providing a comprehensive toolkit for those seeking to enhance their memory skills.

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Harish S. Prabhu

Harish S. Prabhu, originating from Mangalore, Karnataka (India), is a multifaceted individual with roles spanning across banking, psychology/counselling, violinist, marathon runner, songwriter, poet, and caricaturist. Beyond his diverse pursuits, he is an enthusiastic author, contributing to psychology and life skills literature, and actively participating in the creation of children’s books, newspaper articles, and magazine features.

 His aspirations include revolutionising the education system, making learning fun, and bringing smiles to the faces of stressed students. In his dedication to assisting students, Prabhu provides counselling on various issues, such as exam fears, career choices, addiction, relationship management, and so on. He conducts both online and offline classes, alongside developing online courses covering topics like Advanced Memory, English, life skills, and Psychology.



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