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Genetics of an Eternal Love story

Author Name: Naturebella | Format: Paperback | Genre : Reference & Study Guides | Other Details

Your desires create a difference between your real world and the fantasy that you wish to live. That’s what you call a parallel universe, where your Avatars live the life you designed, just as you live the life desired and programmed by someone else. The power of mind, telepathy and genetic coding of Life: The journey from origin to evolution via mutation.

Transformative journey that led to evolutionary explorations, redefined love and brought back Einstein to life. Time travelers and the ultimate awareness about our identities beyond genetic test kits. Revival of telepathy, mindfulness and active meditation to explain the déjà vu of predictive programming. Intelligence to artificial intelligence, origin to evolution, stories that paved way to some discoveries of genius from the past to relatively genius from the future.

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Naturebella is a science enthusiast, biotechnologist, artist and author of five books that includes picture books, story and poetry. On this journey she had a deep rendevouz with exsisting time travelers that rejuvenated her world of telepathy, mindfulness, mindhacking, psychology and the role of genetics as a symbolic language ,as code to be deciphered.She believes Life is a matrix of programming and we are mere algorithms functioning and responding to those commands.Who is writing those programs and should the loop end somewhere? 

Find out with her.