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Ghostbusters and Other Stories

by Debadatta Satpathy

Format: Paperback

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Enjoy Ghostbusters and other stories, a collection of stories about fantasies, love, affection, and courage. A must read for people of all ages and inclinations.

  • Among the rows of eucalyptus trees, three children run after an apparition in the dead of the night to have a spine chilling experience…
  • A girl rediscovers her favorite rock carving after a poignant reunion…
  • A boy masters Sanskrit at a great personal cost only to find that competitions in life are meaningless…
  • A friend clears a smokescreen showing the courageous side of the much vilified public sector employees…
  • A solitary passenger in a train finds the true meaning of his recurring nightmare…

A mechanical engineer and an MBA graduate, Mr. D.Satpathy works at Steel Authority of India Limited in Rourkela, Orissa. After contributing on a regular basis to various magazines, Mr. Satpathy started his literary career with the well-received House of Bougainvillea and other stories, a collection of short stories based on his childhood memories that celebrated the human spirit.



Ghostbusters and Other Stories





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