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Good, Evil, Supernatural Tales of Unsolved Mysteries

Author Name: Anurag S Pandey | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Then she looked at me and gave me a crooked and mysterious smile. Her face expressions were not of her. It was strange, cold and scary. God knows why I felt a wave of fear running down my spine. I controlled myself and asked to her, ‘What happened? Su? (I used to call her Su for Sunita).’ She smiled in a way like she was making fun of me. Then she said in a friendly but stone hard, ice cold way, ‘You won’t be able to save her. I will kill your SU drop by drop like this only.’


It was Tuesday night. I was practicing meditation by sitting in Padmasana posture. Suddenly I heard anklet’s sound around me, like some female came and was walking around me. Without getting scared I kept practicing meditation in the same posture. But after some time anklet’s sound came closer to me as if she had stepped on my meditation carpet. Means she had come too near to me. Yet I kept meditating. Then only doesn’t know from where a gust of breeze entered the room despite closed door and windows and began to hug me. The touch of the breeze was very ecstatic and it was giving me very deep pleasure. I found myself unable to keep the breeze away from me.


He stepped on the road. As he reached the middle of the road, he became hundreds of feet tall. He was moving towards the field in his front. That field ended to some localities. Just in three steps he crossed the long field, entered some locality and got out of my eyes.


A collection of 10 real stories...

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Anurag S Pandey

Anurag S Pandey is a writer, poet and computer programmer. His poems have been published in national newspapers and magazines of India like Navbharat Times, Kadambini etc. He has written Story/ Screenplay/ Dialogues for various TV Shows like Lady Inspector, Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Indonesian TV shows etc. At present he lives in Bhubaneswar, India. Meditation, yoga, mystery, paranormal & supernatural activities are some of his favorite topics to read and write.



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