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Grey life under blue sky

Author Name: Swati Shikha Laxmi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

here is only one single answer to every question of "what happened?" And that is "life happened". Life is not black, not white either, life is the struggle of being painted with our favorite color. And until then life is somewhere in between like grey. 

This book is going to hold your hand tighter than any of your friends ever held and will take you on the journey of your life where you will more likely have a microscopic view of most of the events of your life. You know how most of the time when someone says "I understand" you end up saying "no you don't" I promise you at the end of this book you will "Swati, you do understand".

Lastly, this book will give you the feeling of nostalgia, will embrace your failures, dress up your wounds, going to give and steal your hope, it will give you the most colorful moments of your life but also going to make you feel things about your grey phase. This is a box of chocolates in which you are going to find love, success, heartbreak, failure, anxiety, happiness everything.

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Swati Shikha Laxmi

Swati shikha laxmi is yet to be a graduate in law. She wrote her first poetry book in her last year of graduation. She is fond of reading novels and writing her heart out. 

She is best known for her poetry on Instagram with her pen name storm.with.heart. She values authenticity and loves to be around all kinds of books. She is on the mission to transform youth into readers. In the gaming world, she wishes to replace them with books again.