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Growth Driven Testing Moolya way of test and culture that has helped startups and enterprises grow

Author Name: Pradeep Soundararajan and Dhanasekar Subramaniam | Format: Paperback | Genre : Computers | Other Details

Not very often people challenge the definition of testing and even if they do, it ends up being theory. Here is an experience report, documented with evidence on what it takes to use testing to drive growth for customers. An outcome of a thousand people of Moolya and hundreds of customers coming together and providing the most compelling evidence to reinvent testing.

A powerful (and honest) book for Product Owners, Tech Leaders, Testers, Automation Engineers to build a culture of growth driven testing and leadership that enables this culture to succeed.

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Pradeep Soundararajan and Dhanasekar Subramaniam

Pradeep Soundararajan

Pradeep Soundararajan has a vision for people and businesses to grow holistically. Moolya - the company he founded is a leading example of how to grow holistically. Moolya drives growth for its customers by preventing bugs and doing contextual testing to aid its customer growth and experience. 
Pradeep lives a life of gratitude and is cognizant that many people make him. He has everything he needs in this life and is dedicated to short-circuiting the journey for others to get there. He has found a hack to slow down time and hence, can work out in the gym regularly, does yoga, meditation, and runs while homeschooling his daughter despite running Moolya and Bugasura in parallel. He vlogs on YouTube and Instagram under the handle pradeep_sakalya_jiva

Dhanasekar Subramaniam

Dhanasekar Subramaniam is a pragmatic software tester and a firm believer in Context-Driven Testing with close to 20 years of software testing experience, with a current focus on coaching people to deliver better test value. An avid mind-mapping specialist and a firm believer that science and technology gift a better life to humanity. Associated with Moolya since its inception, he has played different leadership roles from setting up Mobile testing practises to heading Delivery and coaching testers.



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