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Hacking The Productivity Break The Myths & Learn The Tricks. Practical Hacks to Boost Productivity for Working Professionals, Business owners and Students.

Author Name: Lalit Hundalani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Practical and Effective techniques to enhance productivity, achieve more, be successful and have a fulfilled life. Attain PEAK PERFORMANCE by:

·         Breaking the Common Myths plaguing the subject of productivity.

·         Know the insights of human psychology, responsible for low productivity.

·         Find your Productivity Zone to work smarter.

·         Learn Practical Tips to level-up your performance in simple ways.

You must read this book to find answers to the below questions:

·         Despite working hard, why you are not getting the desired results?

·         Why are you not able to find time for fun & recreation?

·         Do you wonder why only 24 hours are there in a day?

·         How can you reach the Peak of your Performance?

·         Why don’t the Habits of Successful People work for you?

·         Are you looking for quick tips to move to the next level?

·         Do you want to achieve peak performance in your work?

·         Are you a business owner and want your staff to be more productive?

·         As a student, how can you achieve more?

·         How to avoid distractions?

·         Why is it that your friend or colleague doesn’t work that much but can achieve more?

·         How can you feel happier at work?

·         Why is social media addictive?

If you are currently facing these and other similar questions, then you must read this book.

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Lalit Hundalani

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Lalit Hundalani is a leading life transformation coach & best-selling author of 2 books, currently on a mission to help 1 Million individuals transform their lives. A lifelong learner he is always eager to re-invent himself & keep exploring new paradigms. A follower and practitioner of the maxim of learn, do & teach, he ensures to practice and implement the concepts before preaching to others.He is strongly convinced about the enormity of human potential which enables the change beyond imagination.The process of change begins with us & therefore fixing the inner-self holds the key to change in outside world.