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HCL Lore Recollections and Reflections from My Rollercoaster Ride of Nearly Three Decades

Author Name: Rajeev Asija | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

The HCL saga is an enthralling story as it is a heady mix of entrepreneurial spirit, passion, leadership, and management. The styles may have varied over the years, but the effectiveness never diminished, leading to the creation of one of the finest organizations which was a pioneer in many respects – indigenous product design, sales aggression and innovation, customer sensitivity and service, and HR practices. And it is well documented through coverage in various magazines and news reports over the last 35 years.

What is not so well known is the toil, grind and drudgery, dreams, untiring efforts, emotions, wins and heartbreaks, highs and lows, the joy of innovation, the exhilarating feeling of creation, pioneering efforts, sales tricks and innovations, marketing genius, and countless days and nights spent by people who worked in HCL over the years.

Well, that is the flavor you may get in this book. Read on ….

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Rajeev Asija

Rajeev Asija, an electronics engineer from COE Pune, is an avid traveller, sports enthusiast, voracious reader, and active blogger. He has spent more than 39 years in active corporate life in the IT industry, which allowed him to travel widely – India and abroad. 

He harnessed the first 29+ years with HCL, the bellwether of the Indian IT industry, and the next ten years as the CEO at Aforeserve, an IT Infra services provider with a pan-India footprint.

HCL provided the opportunity to experience the excitement of the Indian IT industry, growing from a small and closed one to an industry spanning the globe. Rajeev had the best view, being a part of HCL in various roles, and rising to the position of EVP by 2005, and the COO in 2010. 

Currently, he keeps himself engaged with coaching and mentoring, giving back to the industry, in addition to exploring exotic destinations around the globe.

He published a book in 2022 detailing his travel experiences through some of the most exotic locations on our planet. He has published a few technical papers too, the latest one about Building a Future-Ready Enterprise titled ‘Automation for the Future’, co-authored along with seven other Enterprise IT leaders, in 2021.



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