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HeartWords: mystic poems

Author Name: Shruti Bakshi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

HeartWords is a collection of poems flowing from the ecstasy of devotion, joy of being, and the beauty and depth of Life perceived in its wholeness. With illustrations by the author, these Heart-words on Krishna, Shiva, Devotion, Love, Life and Freedom are invitations into true Intimacy through the doorways of poetry and art.

“Shruti Bakshi’s poems seem to flow effortlessly from some ambrosial spring within her. They are like prasad for all lovers of God. One finds oneself sweetly captivated by their mystical beauty and spiritual depth. Each poem is a love seed coming to life inside the garden of the heart." - spiritual teacher Mooji

"..elevating and outstanding..." - Makarand Paranjpe, author


What artist ever sang her song well
with one eye on the listener?
Pay the price—become the song

- from HeartWords

Paperback 277

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Shruti Bakshi

Shruti Bakshi worked in financial services in Europe for many years and currently lives in India where she created The LivingWise Project.

Shruti studied finance at INSEAD business school (France) and Cambridge University.

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Instagram: @shruti.heartwords