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Hernioplasty ha ha ha… Hernioplastia Ha ha ha…

by Ravindra Kumar Saxena

Format: Paperback

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Techpro notices a soft protrusion in his tummy and googles it. Epigastric Hernia, says Google. Techpro goes straight to the resident surgeon, Surg, in his village hospital and gets on his nerves. Surg detects a second hernia and Techpro's world falls apart. Wife, thus far unable to rein in Techie fully, takes charge and yes, she enjoys the upper hand the double hernia gives her in Techie's affairs.

Investigations and pre-admission procedures give Techie a chance to see the hospital from a patient's eye and despite all his cynicism, Techie develops a liking for the hospital and its’ staff.

Immobilised by his medical confinement Techpro reminisces and reflects about his family, social and work life. About history and Portuguese connection of his village.

Techpro enters the Operation theatre after bidding good bye to all and with no hope.

Does he survive?

R K Saxena also known as Saxy in his circles is a retired executive of State Bank of India. A keen traveller, he is a man of streets and loves studying the way people live and the way they talk.

He started writing in Hindi and English when he was in school and, of late, has started dabbling in Hindi / Urdu poetry.

Saxena has two accomplished daughters and has settled in a Senior Citizen's Resort in Village Manchwa of Jaipur in India.

Several of his English short stories have been well-received in his social circles, house magazines etc.  Hernioplasty is his first conventionally published book.




Hernioplasty ha ha ha…





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