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Hindu Culture and Lifestyle - Part I

Author Name: Vaishali Shah | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Have you travelled outside India and faced criticism over the peculiar way of our behavior? While joining a new job in MNC, have you been questioned by your non-Indian bosses about why you need holidays for certain religious ceremonies? Have you been answerless when your toddler wants to know how a small mouse can be the vehicle of a large bellied god?

Hindu Culture and Lifestyle is an effort to make you aware of why and how to practice the Hindu way of life in a fast-paced urban society with a pragmatic approach to improve wellness, health, career, relationships, inner peace and how to elevate the soul to the next level.

In the wake of globalization, we are largely influenced by the western way of thinking. It has created personality conflict within us, which this book eradicates through authentic, reliable and usable content. It is a beautiful journey through arts, science, management and spirituality all bundled in a pack of three to give you a positive kick-start. It helps you to answer queries you have regarding our past, present, and where we should be heading to keep our values intact and still conquer the world in businesses.

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Vaishali Shah

Vaishali Shah happily left the opportunities in the Internet world, a comfortable family life and possible earnings through business ventures to fulfill her goal of promoting Indian scriptures, heritage, culture and knowledge on digital platforms. Her seventeen year long journey made her a known face in different parts of the world. Her collection of more than fifty thousand pages on her website changed her personality to a great extent.  She ended up creating a family book in a capsule format which every Hindu or a non-Hindu should own to know the rich heritage of India.

Her journey through various authentic pathshala, spiritual guru’s ashrams, pilgrimages, temples, holy cities, historic destinations elevated her soul, which she wants to share with her readers to make them experience the same. Her interest in uplifting African women keeps her busy with various charitable projects. She encapsulated her experiences while working with locals in the book called The Veg Safari published in Kenya.

She is a fashionista and has a keen interest in apparel, jewelry, food, travel and meeting people from different walks of life. 



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