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Hiraeth The Longing For The Unknown

Author Name: Grace Dmello, Sarah Dmello, Zoiii | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

The book can be best described as a harmonious medley of poetry, It is nothing but an enchanting literary journey that will take you on a tour exploring some marvellous human emotions, feelings, and perspectives.

“Hiraeth” sets you to embark on a poignant and introspective journey of human experiences, memories, and the longing for something intangible yet attainable by means of poetry. 

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Grace Dmello, Sarah Dmello, Zoiii

Grace Dilip Dmello is a budding poet and an aspiring author who wishes to conquer the world of her dreams one day. Currently, a university student studying a Bachelor of Science in psychology she immerses herself in the realms of poetry trying to explore the enchanting connection between language and emotions. One of her poems was previously published in an anthology titled “A Nursery of Miscellanea” Grace possesses a unique perspective on the beauty of existence within the universe and through her art, she aims to bring to notice all intricacies and wonders that often go unnoticed in everyday lives. She also believes in the transformative potential of art and views poetry, not just as a pure and beautiful expression but also as a tool for healing and empowerment.

Sarah Dilip Dmello is a poet, whose words have the power to touch hearts and create wonders. Currently a high school student, Sarah views poetry as a means of escapism and chooses to pen her emotions down instead of bottling them up. She believes that it is very rightly said that “paper has more patience than people.” She uses poetry as a medium to explore her emotions and simplify the world around her. Beyond her poetry, Sarah is a skilled public speaker and has her way with words, evoking powerful emotions within the hearts of her listeners as well as her readers.

Zoii, an emerging poet who shares her unique perspective with her pen name and thought-provoking poetry, believes that nothing is real. She Fearlessly questions the solidity of the world around her and feels that the very existence of reality is but a fragile illusion. Through her beautiful words, she urges the readers to look beyond the surface and venture into the unknown where the line between truth and false blurs. The poet believes that the world goes on living because of hope and her hope is to be a mysterious person that no one knows and still everyone is aware of.



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