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His Shackled Lawyer

Author Name: Irene Davison (esperanza) | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

"How long will you cry over your dead fiancé?"The man came closer to the weeping girl while whispering his venomous words with a dark chuckle. She looked at him with pure rage in her eyes.
"Don't you dare to bring his name in your filthy mouth?"
"Come on. You can think of my offer now. We can start from where we were left."
A loud sound echoed.
"You murderer, you have killed him."She spoke in between her uneven sobs.
"How would you prove that? Your lawyer partner has committed suicide after losing his case."He spoke while rubbing his cheek where she slapped him a few seconds back. Wiping her tears away she spoke with her gritted teeth,
"Mr. Madhban, you have seen me fighting with my fiancé so far. Now you would face Advocate Suhani Rane fighting for her fiancé's justice. See you in court."

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Irene Davison (esperanza)

An Accidental Author. I am just an ordinary girl you see every day around. If you can not find me writing, you may find me coding or playing some sports.