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Holi Hai - The Spring Festival of Colour 2 wonderfully illustrated stories, learn new Indian words, creative activities, know the making of color, ... celebrate. Lots of audio & web bonuses.

Author Name: Geeta Srivastava | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

It’s a day filled with colour and joy. But Holi is more significant than just a day of festivities. Over the years, stories of its origin have garnered wonder across the world. Morals lie in the stories of Narasimha, Krishna and Holika, which can have a positive impact on children and adults, encouraging diversity and multiculturalism.

This book takes a peep into these colourful stories that define India’s colourful festival. It looks at some of the delicious treats of Holi, and how the colours of Holi are made.

The legendary significance of the Indian festivities is as interesting as the way it is celebrated. Let’s hop on to the joy ride and celebrate together as we gleefully say:


It is Holi”

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Geeta Srivastava

25 years ago, Geeta moved from Mumbai to London and nowadays lives in West Hampstead. Winner of the Outstanding British Asian Award, she has worked in advertising and marketing for UK based mainstream agencies at Zee TV and fashion retailers. Geeta set up and led the UK arm of the famous match-making site 

When Geeta became a mother she was concerned that her daughter, who whilst thriving as an English girl, had little knowledge of her Indian heritage. She realised that other Indian parents were experiencing similar feelings and it wasn’t enough to have Bollywood-themed birthday parties or the occasional trips to India! Geeta took the initiative to establish Magic of India in 2013 and visited over thirty London schools where, to the delight of pupils and teachers, she presented stories and songs about Indian culture and history, folklore, and heroes.