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Hope Will Kill You A Novel

Author Name: Mayukh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

And the naive, gullible boy wore his big, baggy, fancy, red underwear before jumping in the car with the love of his life who looked like a Victoria Secret Model…” that is how most stories end, well, without the underwear description part. Happy endings have become a custom in almost every book on Earth and are expanding to the space stations as well. But that tyrannical cliché is not present in this book. Hope Will Kill You is an anthology of 5 different tales that set ablaze the delusional inferno of hope created by these fantastical, humbug tales all around the vast sea of literature. A book that is not perfect nor does it provide lenity and promises to destroy all your hope. For better or worse, it depends on how quickly one picks up this splendiferous read from the shelves.

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Mayukh Baruah is an aspiring, young writer who can make you see and feel through his words. A student of Pathways World School, he is highly skilled with literary techniques and occupies a broad and sundry holster of vocabularies. Native from the elms and dew pearled hills of Assam, he was roused to writing and literature due to his insecurities at being incompetent in the subject previously. Mayukh’s sarcastic, explicit and unconventional writing style is mainly to be credited with how much he is influenced by transgressive, underground writers such as Chuck Palahniuk and Charles Bukowski, as well his yearn and attachment to renowned authors such as Mark Manson and Franz Kafka. In his debut book, ‘Hope Will Kill You’, he stumbles and highlights to the world a unique theme and perspective towards hope as he presents to us 5 different short tales in order to hammer his point to the readers, along with providing an immensely descriptive, vivid, humorous and entertaining read.