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How to become the Super Employee A Step by Step Guide to Excellence

Author Name: Neeraj Bali | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

I want you to be among the 1%

Only 1% of the people have a career that grows under professional coaching, mentoring and professional handholding. They are the people who are not afraid of making mistakes, face maximum fears, stretch the most, sacrifice the most and finally win the most. That’s how they become the super employees of their companies, and I want you to be among this 1%.

Wisdom inside How to become THE SUPER EMPLOYEE [SJ1] will fill your career with Purpose, Passion and Prosperity through chapters like “What is your WHY?”, “Be Thankful for Problems”, “Face Failures Fearlessly”, “Become more valuable”, “Dare to accept responsibility” & 10 Disciplines that will help you to become the best professional version of you.

How to become THE SUPER EMPLOYEE is a compilation of experiences and advices of CEOs, HR Managers, Entrepreneurs and spiritual stories all at one time and one place. Only 1% of the people will have an access to them, and I want you to be among this 1%.

How to become THE SUPER EMPLOYEE is a compilation of good practices of top performers of different industries, different countries and different functional areas.

This book is written with an intention to be your coach, mentor and guide on your career journey to help you in becoming one among the 1% employees, who are called game changers.

If you are seeking a promising career full of rewards, recognitions, fast promotions, more money & happiness, then this book is meant for you. PERIOD.

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Neeraj Bali

Neeraj Bali was born and raised in Chandigarh, India.

Out of 20 years of work experience, he worked for 7 years as a Training Manager before shifting to Sales in the Real Estate Industry. Based on his learnings, he wrote this book to help employees grow faster while making minimum mistakes, earning maximum rewards, recognition & eventually enjoying their career.


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