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Author Name: JASPER DELL | Format: Paperback | Genre : Reference & Study Guides | Other Details

7 Excerpts from essays for you inside this volume of excitement!!

1.“...the winds of change have swept through the forests of academia and lion-cubs have roared against the lion-kings to opt for their…”

(Can you mirror yourself as one the of the lion-cubs demanding higher education abroad? So it is your story! Then what happens? Let us share the jungle secret together – it’s inside this book…Ssssh!)

2.“Man hankers after what he has not; but once his goblet of joy runneth over the brim…”

(…then …?) Let us sip it together inside…ssslurpp!

3.“The triumvirate tsunami of … lugs away the youth on to the diabolical shores of …an addiction, …fetid odour…”

(What diabolical shores? Youth – that means you. Come on!! Sindbad’s calling! Heard ye?! Get on board this ship…uh…book!)

4.“Grandiose life styles have captivated … mind…gorgeous figure won hearts of the deciding jury”

(Who is the “gorgeous” damsel? Eeek! Waiting for you under the thick, green foliage of pages! Tra lala la!!!)

5.“Pranks by mother on … made latter contemplate regarding enduring her mischief rather than…”

OMG! mother playing pranks? On whom? Latter who? Try to escape this time? No way to escape Mom! (She’s gonna twist your ears…eeyow! but inside this paperback!)

6.Queen’s soldiers waging a war to conquer.. Her Majesty’ laudable, yet…

(Yet what? Have they met their Waterloo?) War’s inside, Let’sfight it together to win bands for you! Well, if you want to be a lion, train with one)

7.The blitzkrieg of flash and darkness… jury insist… stunned qwerty-pad lovers interpret warning signals unambiguously the enticing Siren assault, if tablets were restricted merely to…

(…merely to what? Bingo! May be your guess is right!)

All the above eight and many more expeditions eagerly waiting to get unravelled, but you gotta hunt ‘em down.

Come on, Lions! Your chase commences now….! Rooaarrrr!!

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