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When the Indus valley civilization was discovered in the 1920s it was an occasion of joy and celebration for the entire Indian sub-continent. But along with the   Indian independence came the partition of India and the two cities of great fame Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa became a part of Pakistan. What history and geography had united, man in his cunningness divided into two. And it was all the more sad for the citizens of India, at least for the historically oriented citizens, that the twin cities of I V.C had gone to the neighboring Pakistan which in course of time turned into a foe. History shuts one door, only to open another. Starting from the 1950s archeologists of India worked hard to excavate possible sites of I V C. They did not toil in vain. Many important sites of I V C had been excavated. Some of them bigger and richer than the “original twin cities of I V C”. In this book we shall read about some of them.

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Durai Ilamurugu

Residing at TRICHIRAPALLI, TAMIL NADU the author DURAI ILAMURUGU  also known as D.ILAMURUGAN   is a successful self-employed professional. Married,  the author lives with his father, wife, and two children and grandchildren.

He thinks that he is at his best when he writes about any subject from the perspective of common laypeople. His other books particularly   Rajaraj Solanin Marupakkam ( other side of rajarajasolan ), karikalan kattiya kallanai  and the Sindhu muthal kaverivarai ( NOTION PRESS)have sold well and continue to sell well in spite of the lockdown and covid 19 ( of course through the internet) The underlying theme of all his books is to tell things as they are to show it, all warts and scars included.

The author has written many books on the history of South India specifically more about the Tamil people, Sangam period literature, and the kings.  His book on the THOLKAPPIAM the first and unique grammar book of Tamil.  Created awareness about the influence of Sanskrit on the Tamil language. The aim is to lead towards truth through the blind alleys of history.



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